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VS shift+ Transfer Mobile Bookcases - Curved

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SKU: 45304

Structure of glued linear and curved (60°) bodies on a steel cross-member with 4 or 5 (60°) technical castors, 2 of which are lockable. Optional with 5 adjustable feets.

Body made of melamine-resin-coated LIGNOpal chipboards with glued-on plastic edge. With glued center walls for partitioning the bodies. With rows of holes (1/8’’) for adjustable shelf inserts and a perforated-plate or LIGNOpal back panel. Depending on the model with plastic boxes on guide rails.

Function: With magnets (optional) on the outer sides for docking further cabinet elements. Curved Landscape seating and cabinet elements can be combined linearly and, thanks to the matched inner and outer radii, back to back to create circular and serpentine seating/cabinet landscapes.

Push-handles (optional) made of steel on the top of the body.

The following material groups are available to choose from: Body made of LIGNOpal: L4; Perforated-plate: M1.


*When ordering, please note that the 22 1/2" x 60 1/8" dimension size is exclusive to the single sided bookcase, which can only be ordered in that size.

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