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VS Shift+ Landscape Seating and Storage

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SKU: 45298

Upholstered-element system consisting of body and seating elements.

Seating elements are linear or curved stools. Individual elements can be combined to form complete landscapes. Elements consisting of a floor plate with plastic or felt glide elements and a cushion of flame-retardant MVSS-302 foam with leatherette cover.

Seating sizes in 3 fixed heights in accordance with DIN EN 1729.

Body of melamine-resin-coated LIGNOpal chipboards with glued-on plastic edge. With glued center wall for partitioning the body. With rows of holes (25 mm) for adjustable shelf inserts and a perforated-plate back panel.

Function: Curved Landscape seating and cabinet elements can be combined linearly and, thanks to the matched inner and outer radii, back to back to create circular and serpentine seating/cabinet landscapes.

The following mate

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