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VS Shift+ Interact Height Adjustable Lectern

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SKU: 01444

Frame consisting of welded, powder-coated, U-shaped steel skids and a centrally positioned leg/post with integrated gas-filled strut. Skids as standard with 4 castors (2 of which lockable).

Function: The gas-filled strut is actuated by a hand switch on the edge of the lectern top. The hand switch is fitted with a safety cover to protect against unintentional actuation.

Lectern height in two fixed heights or infinitely height-adjustable with integrated gas-filled strut.

Lectern top made from melamine resin-coated chipboard with glued plastic edge or a rigid CDF fibre board or high-strength solid HPL top. The corners have 1/8’’ rounding.

Equipment: Bookshelf made of sheet steel edged on three sides under the lectern top.

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