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VGA w/ Audio Cables -- High Performance UltraThin VGA/QXGA HDTV/HD15 with Audio Tri-Shield Fully-Wired Cable with Panel-Mountable Connectors

List Price: $43.00

SKU: CC388MA-10
  • Connects VGA video with audio device
  • Slim 3.5mm audio connector
  • Interchangeable VGA mounting
  • Tri-Shield & fully-wired cable
  • Works with PC/HDTV applications
  • With stereo color-coded connectors that is 17 & 22 Inches
  • Available Lengths: 3ft to 50ft

Connects any VGA/QXGA video with audio to any computer, switch or splitter with HD15 female port. This premium combo cable eliminates clutter and improves cable management. Supports all monitors including LCD/LED display, projector, CAD, graphic workstations and HDTV with PC/VGA port. It is fully-wired for maximum compatibility with both PC and HDTV/projector applications. Ultra-thin diameter provides space-saving design and installation flexibility on tightest areas which cannot be found on regular VGA cables. Interchangeable mounting allows you to replace the thumbscrews with included stand-off screws and can be mounted on a face plate. Perfect for use where in-wall cabling and wall-plates are used. The stereo cable has color-coded connectors that is 17 and 22 Inches on the other end. Its Y-split design provides flexible installation with most laptop, PC, and HDTV. (Connectors: HD15/3.5mm Male to Male; Length: 3ft)

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