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Swivl: Video Collaboration

SKU: C1 Bundle

Swivl C Series Robot SW3322-C1 includes Base + Primary Marker + Floor Stand

The new Swivl C Series Robot is an easy-to-use video capture solution for teachers and students.

Video Automation. The Swivl robot follows you with great audio. That much you know. But now it does so with professional quality audio, twice the speed of response, a simpler to use Lightning interface and the ability to connect and use up to four markers at once to expand your experience to students.

Using Swivl with an iPad? Check out our new Expand Case with built in wide-angle lens to help make video more natural and effective.

The C Series incorporates years of customer feedback from tens of thousands of educators. It's our most powerful, easy-to-use and fastest solution yet. When used with the free Practice app it's the best video coaching tool on the planet. With the soon to be released Present app, it's the ultimate blended learning tool.


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