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Swivl C Series Robot

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Swivl for Hybrid Classrooms

Distance/Hybrid Learning in Fall 2020

Predictions about what the education landscape will look like in Fall 2020 and how to use video to achieve goals in synchronous and asynchronous distance learning models.


Swivl Live Streaming

Live stream using Microsoft Teams, Skype, Zoom, or more while Swivl tracks you.


Hybrid Learning Classroom Audio Options

Give remote students the opportunity to interact with their in-class peers.


Setting up a Screencast

Record the content on your laptop.


Setting up a Web Recording

Record video using the front camera on your laptop.

Additional K-12 Applications

Lecture Capture

Swivl follows the teacher for automated lecture capture.

Student Use
Record student projects for in-class presentations and evaluations.

Remote Learning

Distance learning for homebound or remote students.


Use Swivl to perform unbiased formative assessments for new or current teachers.

Exemplar Libraries

Identify exemplary videos to build a best practice library to share with new teachers.

Remote Observations

Remote Coaches provide in-ear feedback while watching video of the teacher.

Early Childhood Education (ECE)

Private and secure

Build libraries of videos for students and parents to reference. Bookmark key moments during the lesson to guide viewers at home. Multi-audio technology allows parents to participate providing more data for family engagement specialists while observing home environments.

Learn more about how educators and making major strides forward in Early Childhood Development.

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