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STEAM Maestro Kit - Science of Conductive Materials and Circuits

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STEAM Maestro™ from HamiltonBuhl® is an ingenious kit that truly delivers on the Science, Engineering,Technology and Arts aspects of STEAM Education, while delighting students of all ages.

The three function (Input, Logic, Output), Lego-compatible, colorful, magnetic electronic blocks (power, touch, music and amplifier) combine together to become a musical maestro, producing sound in 16 different instrument styles, when anything conductive is looped into them using the included alligator clips.

Anything conductive – fruits, vegetables, people, plants, pencil lead, playdoh, anything – can be used to produce unique sounds!

Students ages 5+ will learn about the science of conductive materials, circuits, sounds and will be creating music!

  • Early learning STEM / STEAM education
  • Suitable for ages 5+
  • Kids learn about...
    • Conductive materials
    • Circuits
    • Sounds
  • STEAM Maestro™ Kit includes...
    • 1 Power Block Module
    • 1 Touch Blog Module
    • 1 Music Blog Module
    • 1 Amplifier Block Module
    • 1 Speaker (3W) & Housing
    • 1 Power Cable (9V Battery included)
    • 5 Alligator Clip Cables
    • 1 Screw Kit
    • 1 Instruction Manual
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