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STEAM Education - Robo-Brush: Toothbrush Robot Kit

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It’s more critical than ever to give pre-K and elementary school students a head start on STEAM subjects. Exposing kids as early as possible ensures their interest and desire to continue their exploration and study of STEAM concepts.

With HamiltonBuhl’s Robo-Brush™ Kit, the entire class can participate in a hands-on exploration of simple robotics and engineering.

Easy to build, students will create a micro robot using the head of a toothbrush, a tiny motor and a battery. Once assembled and wired, the toothbrush bristles will turn into hundreds of fast moving legs propelling the robot to move and buzz around. Understanding kinetic energy and energy transference will go from an abstract concept to a tangible, observable experience.

But the fun doesn’t stop there, with stickers and googly eyes, students can customize their Robo-Brush™ micro bots and then race them against each other.

With the activity guides and lesson plans, kids will have lots of fun while learning invaluable STEAM lessons and concepts wetting their appetites to explore and engineer more complex STEAM concepts!


  • 12 Toothbrushes, 6 colors
  • Party Pack Stickers for making custom faces
  • Pancake Motor with Leads
  • Poster and 2-sided tape
  • 12 3V Lithium Battery and Leads
  • Race Building Instructions
  • Comic Strip
  • Wire Cutters
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