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STEAM Education- Green Screen Production Kit

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HB Green Screen Production Kit

Technology is transforming students from consumers to creators as more and more schools are recognizing the value of closing the book in favor of practice learning. “Students as producers” provides engaging opportunities to teach digital literacy, citizenship and creator’s rights.¹

Green screens, once a staple of any special effects film studio, are now becoming an exciting and realistic addition for any digital classroom.

This Is Where HB Green Screen Production Kit Comes In.

Green screen projects certainly sensible for media arts classrooms, are no longer limited to only that. Green screen technology is now being utilized in STEM, language arts, history, and core subject areas. Giving students the opportunity to create digital material for classroom use helps students achieve a higher sense of empowerment, ownership, and purpose.

The HB Green Screen Production Kit includes everything a student, a classroom or a school would need to create engaging and professional looking broadcasts, presentations and short movies:

  • One (1) 9' x 60" green screen backdrop cloth – perfect for chromakeying – the process of filming a scene, object or person in front of a pure colored screen, typically green, then replacing it with any scene or background to achieve special effects. Highly saturated, for accurate color-balancing, the HB green backdrop is ideal for use in any video project.
  • One (1) USB webcam – 720p HD webcam with bendable gooseneck, non-slip base and built-in gooseneck microphone for optimal positioning.
  • One (1) I Can Present editing software – powerful editing software with teleprompter, split screen, picture-in-picture, scroll text features, chromakeying and more!

With a quick and easy setup of the green screen backdrop in front of the included webcam, students will be able to create short news broadcasts, weather forecasts, short reviews, virtual visits to far away places – the planets, the solar system, the Pyramids, the Amazon, the ocean depths, even time travel, all without leaving the classroom.

Software features:
  • Import images, slides (e.g. PowerPoint and Keynote) or PDFs
  • Easily add any background
  • Add scripts and scroll copy with teleprompter feature
  • Add date and time symbols
  • Show a news ticker

Deploy HB Green Screen Production Kit and enhance students’ motivation toward a particular subject and help them develop 21st Century skills including innovation, leadership, social interaction, project management, critical thinking, problem solving, communication, and collaboration all the while demystifying IT and video production technologies!


¹ Educational Dealer June/July 2017 – Here is What Educators Are Talking About by Tina Manzer

HB Green Screen Production Kit Includes:

  • (1) "I Can Present" software
  • (1) 9' x 60" Green screen backdrop
  • (1) 10x digital zoom webcam
  • (1) Instruction booklet
  • For ages 8+
I Can Present Software Specifications:

General Requirements

  1. Minimum of 1GB of free memory
  2. Minimum Screen Size: 1024 x 768 Pixels
  3. USB Webcam - included with HB Green Screen Production Kit
  • Windows PC Users - Minimum Recommended System Requirements:
    1. A PC running Windows XP SP2 or later, Windows Vista or Windows 7.
    2. Windows XP requires .Net Framework 3.5 SP2, available as a free download from Microsoft's website.
    3. 30MB of free Hard Disk space.
    • Mac Users - Minimum Recommended System Requirements:
      1. Mac OS X 10.5 or later.
      2. 228 MB of Hard Disk space.


      Webcam Specifications:
      • Bendable arm for optimal positioning
      • Gooseneck microphone
      • Suction-type base
      • Windows XP, XP2, Vista, Win 7/8/10 & Mac OSx
      • Resolution: 1080 x 720
      • Rate: 30 FPS
      • Interface Type: USB 2.0 High Speed
      • Imaging distance: 30mm ~ Infinity
      • 1x IR LED Light: Infrared light
      • Easy capture shutter for still images
      • Captured image format: BMP, JPEG, PNG
      • Captured video format: AVI, WMV
      • Working Temperature: -10° ~ 40°
      • Materials: ABS plastic
      • Sensor Size: 4386 mm x 3.64 mm
      • 500 million pixels
      • Cable length: approx. 4’
      Green Screen Backdrop Specifications:
      • Size: 9' x 60"
      • Color: Green
      • Material: Highly saturated 100% polyester
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