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SpectraVR - Virtual Reality Goggles

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The HamiltonBuhl SpectraVR is the affordable yet high-quality virtual reality goggles needed to instantly transform your smartphone – iPhone or Android – into an exciting, engaging and interactive virtual reality world!

Load your smartphone with any number of free VR apps, and then simply snap your phone into the headset, put on the goggles and you are transported as images, sound and movement surround you – your viewpoint adjusts as you move your head or body in any direction, making for a fully immersive experience!

HB SpectraVR goggles are the fun, easy and economical way to go on a narrated virtual field trip; explore settings of novels; marvel at global cityscapes; trek habitats of endangered species; delve into the inner workings of the human heart. “Go inside” virtual rocket engines or practice building satellites. The possibilities are limitless, and the impact of an amazing and engaging experience in or outside of the classroom is priceless!

Aside From Being Fun And Cool, HB SpectraVR Goggles Are An Effective Teaching Aid:

  • Active, rather than passive, experience
  • Immersive experience means no distractions
  • Immediate engagement: useful in today’s world of limited attention spans
  • Exploration and hands-on approach aids with learning and retention
  • Helps with understanding complex subjects, theories and concepts
  • Suited to all types of learning styles


  • For all ages!
  • Comfortable head straps and foam leatherette cushion padding
  • High quality 45mm lenses
  • Supports mobile device sizes up to 6.5" x 3"
  • Note: Smartphone not included
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