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SmithVictor CoolLED50K Part#401644

List Price: $719.95

SKU: SmithVictor CoolLED50K Part#401644
Part #: 401644  
Color Temperature: 5200K  
Output: equal to 500 watt x 2 incandescent watt/sec
Reflector: two 8 inch  
Wattage: 50 watt x 2  
Details: The Smith-Victor CooLED 50 Kit is as powerful as two 500 watt incandescent photoflood without the heat and produces 5200°K light. Compact in size, cool burning with daylight balanced light, this kit is perfect for both still and video work making run and gun shooting a lot easier. Each light features a single 50 watt LED that has an average life of 50,000 hours.

For added versatility there is an optional battery pack (RS-5560) available so that you don’t have to have an AC outlet to use a light.

The Smith-Victor CooLED50 Kit includes two 50 watt LED heads, two 90° removable 8” reflectors, two barn door sets, two power packs, two 6.5 foot light stands, one nylon carry/storage bag. 
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