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SmithVictor Cineflood LED 3000 2 light kit

List Price: $799.95

SKU: 401607
Part #: 401607  
AC Wattage: AC 90-240V/ 50-60Hz  
Color Temperature: 5500K  
Output: 3000 watts equivalent watt/sec
Power Range: 0-100%  
Reflector: 60 degree  
Details: The Cine-Flood LED 3000 2 Light Kit provides beautiful, even light yet is energy efficient. Each of the two heads consumes only 150 watts yet produces 1500 watts equivalent of incandescent 5500K light. They feature single-chip Microcomputer Control Technology ensuring consistent luminance quality and a high CRI of >95. The kit comes complete with 2 carrying cases, 2 octagon softboxes with diffusers, two elastic reflector diffusers, two light stands, light stand carrying case and 2 DMX cables that allow you to connect to the optional SC-DMX512-8 DMX Controller.
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