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Series 901 Sinusoidal Table with Post with V-shaped Foot and Cubic Pedestal.

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SKU: 21550

Construction with a tubular-steel cross-member positioned parallel to the back edge with welded-on brackets.

Table top of a LIGNOpal (melamine-resin), veneered or linoleum covered chipboard with plastic or wooden edges. The corners are either square or rounded. Optional sliding top.

Electrification (optional) is provided 1.) by means of push-on plastic cable clips or 2.) by a fabric trough which is hinged on both sides.

Cable outlets (optional) are achieved 1.) through a maximum of 4 metal outlets or 2.) by means of an E-Box for power and data connections, in each case on the left, in the middle and on the right.

Supporting element (refer to table for position) consists of a post with V-shaped foot of powder-coated steel and a docking position for a cubic pedestal. Optional step height adjustment of the post.

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