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Renkus-Heinz CX Series Surface Mount Loudspeaker

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Sound that makes performances and audiences truly come alive doesn't come easy. But C Series loudspeakers put the power of unique Renkus-Heinz developments like Complex Conic Horns to work for you. Versatile enclosure designs, go-anywhere hardware and rugged construction help solve your sound reinforcement challenges easily and quickly.

The C81 features an 8-inch heavy duty woofer and a 1-inch titanium HF driver.

The C121 features a 12-inch heavy duty woofer and a 2-inch titanium HF driver.

The C151 features a 15-inch heavy duty woofer and a 2-inch titanium HF driver.


Product Features

 Compact Design
Outstanding, full-range ± 3 dB, 55 Hz to 20 kHz performance in a compact, space-saving design.

• Exclusive 60° x 40° Complex Conic Design 
Provides constant beamwidth/directivity without the problems of conventional rectangular horns.

• 2-inch Extended Range Titanium HF Driver
Provides smooth, low distortion high frequency performance to 20 kHz and beyond.

• Heavy-Duty 15-inch Woofer
Easily handles 700 Watts of program power.

• Built-in Crossover
Includes EQ and high frequency protection; in the CX151 eliminates need for a separate electronic crossover and bi-amplification.


Product Applications

Virtually any application where size is a critical issue and outstanding sonic performance is required.

Permanent Installations

• Ideal compact main PA for music and speech or as part of a high output distributed system in larger venues.
• Houses of worship, schools, performing art centers, night clubs, stadiums and arenas.

Portable Applications

• Ideal main PA for unobtrusive live music and speech reinforcement or as fill coverage in larger systems.
• Rental A/V, DJ systems, churches, schools, etc.

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