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QVS's WePresent WGA-310 VW-4PHU VGA/HDMI Wireless Presentation System allows you to connect any Windows/Mac computer or Android/iOS device with Wi-Fi to a projector or HDTV with VGA or HDMI ports, and display up to four users simultaneously. This unit gives you the ability to screen mirror your system. The conference control function is suitable for classrooms or training sessions where an administrator is present. It also features a Wi-Fi access point, log-in protection for secured access, changeable standby splash screen, and the built-in DHCP/SNMP provides installation flexibility. It supports 10/100BaseT Wired-LAN, Wi-Fi iEEE802.11b/g/n, A/V streaming up to 720p, BrowserSlides, SidePad, and DirectX application projection such as AutoCAD, ProE, and computer games. It works with Windows 8/7/Vista/XP/200 and Mac OS X systems.

Note: Limited support for iOS and Android devices.

Share a projector or HDTV through a wireless connection
4-way SplitScreen to show up to 4 users simultaneously
Conference control function ideal for training sessions
Control computer remotely using USB keyboard/mouse
Wi-Fi Doc allows document projection from mobile device
Wi-Fi Plus 2T2R 802.11n Wi-Fi for higher throughput
Session security log-in and Wi-Fi WPA2-PSK protection
Supports video output from VGA and HDMI simultaneously
Works with Windows Mobile, 7/Vista/XP/2000, Mac OS X
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