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Lü Community

Creative and passionate teachers are active everyday around the world to engage students in learning.
Lü now thrives to connect them all. To achieve this goal, we’re proud to introduce the Lü Community!
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Lü Community is a peer based, free and open online platform that allows teachers and other Lü users from across the globe to discover original content created by other Lü enthusiasts. Simply log on to your profile and select “Discover” to open up your Lü experience to a myriad of new possibilities! Content sharing is entirely optional and it is possible for users to like and duplicate content created by others. Also discover Lü’s ultimate Application Playbook by joining the Community!




Share content with the community so other users can instantly access it on their Lü systems. Be part of a new synergy between educators, coaches and leaders around the world to enable kids to develop their full potential.




Create your own content and customize existing one to use in a variety of Lü applications on your system. Collaborate with other departments to include cross curriculum pieces into your activities and instantly access your content in the “My content” tab of your Lü system interface.

Lü Community applications





All hail the holy grail of trivia games! Lüvia was designed by and for educators with the discovery of Lü Community in mind. Create, share and play any type of quizz through this fun fair format application that allows kids and adults alike to compete in teams in four different types of mini-games!

Access “brain breaks” to get your body moving between deeply intellectual challenges and constantly renew the experience by integrating content created by others

Image Image



Puzz is a well-known app, one of the first we released. Now, we bring it to the next level.

Work in teams to rotate the tiles and fix YOUR picture! With Lü Community, you can upload images of your choice. Time to be creative!



Lü +

Access the ultimate Lü experience and get the most out of your system and Lü Community with Lü+ !

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