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Hall Research UHBX-S-WP

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The UHBX-S-WP is an HDMI on Cat6 (HDBaseT) single gang wall plate Transmitter. The package includes the following:

  • UHBX-S-WP Decora® metal insert
  • Standard white plastic Decora® face-plate
  • Mud-ring for dry wall installation

 The UHBX-S-WP sender fits in a single gang Decora® style wall plate and is capable of sending a video signal to a compatible receiver ( Hall Research model UHBX-R-PSE ) to a maximum of 150 meters (500 ft) using a single Cat6 cable (Receiver type determines the max distance that can be 70m, 100m, or 150m).

A second single-gang module ( Hall Research model UHCOM-WP ) can be added to the wall plate to provide RS-232 and IR extension in both directions. The RS-232 can operate at any baud rate including 115,200 at all times.and the IR extension is fully compatible with all standards (SONY, NEC, RC5, SHARP, RCA, etc).

The wall plate is powered though the Cat6 cable eliminating the need for a separate power supply connection. The wall plate conforms to HDBaseT™ power standard (PoH or IEEE802.3af), making it compatible with any certified HDBaseT™ power sourcing equipment. The wall plate sender may be connected to projectors or TVs that have direct HDBaseT™ inputs. In this case no external receiver would be needed. A PoH inserter will be required (Hall Research model 511-POH-30W).

UHBX-S-WP is fully compatible with the following HDBaseT™ receiver from Hall Research.


Product Features

  • Extends HDMI or DVI video up to 500 ft on just one Cat6
  • RS232 and IR extension in both directions with optional add-on
  • Supports all HDMI or DVI resolutions including 4K (UHD)
  • Wall plate does not need power connection (powered via UTP)
  • Power-over-HDBaseT™ (PoH) meets IEEE 802.3af standard
  • Sturdy and compact metal construction
  • Fully compatible with HDBaseT™ standard
  • Includes Mud-Ring for easy installation (no electrical box needed)
  • RS232 supports baud rates to 115K
  • IR extension meets all standards regardless of format or frequency
  • Fully isolates ground between TX and RX sides
  • Locking HDMI input connector
  • Made in USA
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