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Hall Research UHBX-R-XT

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The award winning UHBX-R-XT is an HDBaseT™ Receiver with integrated HDBaseT™ transmitter for connection to downstream HDBaseT™ receiver(s) in a daisy-chain fashion. It provides a local HDMI output, an RS-232 port for controlling displays, and it also extends IR signals (IR signal detected at source is broadcast to all receivers - IR cables sold separately).

The RS-232 port can be used to send commands (such as power on/off) to compatible displays and projectors. This can be done either automatically (autonomously by detecting video), or directed by an external Serial Control Device using Hall Research's simple command set.

When RS-232 operation is under external control, each receiver in the daisy chain can be individually addressed for sending specific commands at that particular node. In order to communicate with a given receiver, each receiver in the daisy-chain is assigned a unique address.

The UHBX-R-XT provides a Mini-USB port that is used to assign the box address, configure operation mode, upload internal commands (required for automatic on/off control), and more. A free Windows® GUI software is available on the product's webpage for users who want to take advantage of the product's control capabilities.

The distance between receivers (in a daisy chain), is 100 meters (328 ft) maximum, however, if the video is limited to 1080p (24 bit color or 8bits/color), then users can utilize the “Long Reach” function of the receiver that allows UTP cables of up to 150 meters (500 ft) between consecutive receivers in the daisy-chain (Long-Reach mode does not support 4K or deep color).

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