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Azden IR-CS+ InfraRed Audio System


Complete IR Classroom System Includes: 1 IRR-40P, 1 IRN-10, 1 IRH-15c, 1 IRD-60, 4 ACS-6.5, 2 BC-29 and 4 IHR-3U


For the past decade, probably no company has had more of their wireless microphone systems installed in classrooms across the country than Azden. Working with the engi-neering departments of the leading classroom amplification names, Azden has been at the forefront of the drive to improve the quality and reliability of sound available in class-rooms. Azden has been selected by these companies because of our long experience in producing reliable RF and infrared products, not for the “stage” but for everyday ap-plications, especially classrooms and conference rooms. Now, in addition to our continued partnerships, Azden is proud to introduce its own lineup of products, engineered specifically for the classroom.


Infrared wireless microphone systems are the best solution for classrooms. In today’s RF saturated world a regular (VHF or UHF) microphone system risks interference from a variety of other devices and sources. Cell phones, radios, TV, PA systems, police and emergency service systems, etc., can all interfere with VHF and UHF, but not with IR. Furthermore, infrared is perfect for classroom audio, since, unlike the other systems, IR is short-range, cannot penetrate walls, and is line-of-sight. This means that a school can have as many classrooms as desired with individual audio systems, without fear of in-terference. Since the Azden system is dual-channel, the teacher can have one micro-phone and a second person can also have a microphone. In addition, since each class-room system is on the same pair of channels, teachers can go from room to room with-out having to switch microphones.


Although you can purchase components separately to customize your own system, Azden provides two complete systems (IR-CS and IR-WS) which include: an IR receiver with ample power for 4 ceiling or 4 wall-mounted speakers and a built-in sensor array (IRR-40P), a small, lightweight chest-worn microphone/transmitter (IRN-10), a pass-around handheld microphone/transmitter (IRH-15c), an external ceiling-mounted sensor (IRD-60), and 4 high-quality in-ceiling speakers (ACS 6.5) or 4 compact wall-mounted speakers (AWS-4.5). All you need to complete the installation is the wiring for the speakers and sensor.


IRR-40P Powered 2-channel IR Receiver
The New Azden infrared IRR-40P powered, dual-channel receiver allows you to use 2 wireless microphones simultaneously, and you can also adjust system volume right from the IRN-20 pendant style transmitter. 2 wireless microphones can be used for, “team-teaching, or with the mini handheld microphone (IRN-30) for student pass-around. The receiver also has 2 stereo auxiliary inputs so that other line-level devices (CD players, MP3 players, VCRs, etc.) can be attached and played through the system. The teacher can also send the audio to a recorder or video camera, using the line-level output jack. For bigger rooms or odd-shaped rooms up to 3 external sensors can be attached. With all 4 of the ceiling speakers attached to the IRR-40P, sound is spread equally throughout the room, allowing all students to hear equally.

IRN-10 microphone 
A lightweight, chest worn, microphone/transmitter, the IRN-10 comes with an adjustable lanyard. It is both a microphone and infrared transmitter which wirelessly “links” the teacher to the IRR-30P receiver. It has a specially designed internal microphone array which provides great sound pick-up. With two switchable channels, a teacher can go from classroom to classroom with the same microphone! With just two “AA” batteries (alkaline or rechargeable) the microphone can be used the entire school day without re-charging or changing batteries.

IRH-15c handheld microphone 
The perfect handheld “pass-around” microphone for student participation, this dual channel microphone/transmitter, operates on the channel that the teacher is not using. It is powered by two “AA” batteries (alkaline or rechargeable) and is compatible with all Azden infrared models.

Both the IRN-10 and IRH-15c can recharge internal NiMH batteries (1HR-3U only) when a BC-29 wall-charger is used. There’s no need to remove the batteries to recharge.

IRD-60 sensor 
In most classroom situations, a single well-positioned IRD-60 external IR sensor pro-vides complete classroom coverage. Mounting is easy, and the sensor is connected to the IRR-30P receiver with standard coaxial wire.

ACS-6.5 in-ceiling speaker 
The ceiling speaker was designed to provide optimum performance for the teacher’s voice in addition to audio from other sources (CD/MP3 player, VCR, etc.). Each speaker features a sealed-back enclosure and 6 ½” polypropylene midrange/woofer to produce natural bass response, while the coaxially-mounted 1″ polycarbonate tweeter provides superior high frequency response. Easily flush-mounted in any drop-ceiling, four of these speakers provide smooth, evenly distributed sound throughout the classroom. Designed to handle up to 50 Watts (continuous program) each. All students can enjoy enhanced audio equally.


IRH-15c – 2-channel handheld transmitter 

IRR-40P Receiver
Sub-carrier frequencies: 2.06MHz & 2.56MHz switchable
Modulation: FM
Microphone element type: Uni-directional dynamic
Frequency Response: 50-8kHz ±3dB
Battery type: 2-“AA” alkaline( 1.5V x 2 ) or 2-1HR-3U “AA” rechargeable Ni-MH (1.2V x 2 )
Battery life: > 6 hours w/alkaline batteries
Size: 9.65″ x approx.1.375″ (245 x approx. 35mm)
Weight: 9.1oz (258g) w/alkaline batteries)
Sub-Carrier Frequencies: 2.06MHz & 2.56MHz
Type: Super Heterodyne – crystal controlled
Modulation: FM
Signal-to-Noise: >75dB A weighted
Reception Sensitivity: >25dBµV
Line Input Impedance: 32k ohms ±15%
Line Output Adjustment: – infinity to +10dBu
Audio Output: 5W x 4 @ 4 ohms
Power Requirement: 15V DC @ 2.7A (use model BC-30)
Size: 8.03″ W x 9.19″ D x 1.73″ H (204 x 233 x 44mm)
Weight: 3.33lb (1.5kg)
IRN-10 – 2-channel chest-worn transmitter 
Sub-carrier frequencies: 2.06MHz & 2.56MHz switchable
Modulation: FM
Microphone element type: Uni-directional electret x 2
Frequency response: 50-9kHz ±3dB
Ext Mic input impedance: 2.2k ohms
Ext Mic input jack: 3.5mm Ext.
Mic Voltage/Current: 3.5VDC @ 1mA (to power electret mic element)
Mic gain adjustment: +6dB to approx. –10dB Battery type: 2-”AA” Alkaline (1.5V x 2) or 2-1HR-3U “AA” rechargeable Ni-MH (1.2V x 2)
Battery life: > 8 hours w/alkaline batteries
Size: 3.15″ H x 2.75″ W x 1.06″ D (80 x 70 x 27mm)
Weight: 4.3oz (120g) -w/alkaline batteries


IRD-60 – Dome sensor 

Output: F Connector
Power: powered by receiver (24V @ 15mA)
Cable requirement: RG59 – 75 ohm coaxial
Size: 3.94″ x 1.18″ (100x30mm)
Weight: 6.00oz (170g) w/mounting bracket
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