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Aver U50 USB Document Camera

List Price: $249.00

SKU: U50

Setup So Simple

It's as easy as 1-2-3. The U50 USB document camera has only one USB cable to connect for the quickest setup. Configuration made simple for everyday use.

U50 USB Document Camera  - simple setup

Clear Quality Display

Capture every student's attention with the U50 USB document camera's 5MP and 8x Zoom quality picture. Easily magnify any detail in your lesson.

Picture Perfect

Who says geography or math can't be fun? Use the U50 USB document camera Take a picture or capture video at 30fps, 1080p (HD) to jazz up all your learning visuals.

U50 USB document camera 30fps and 1080p

Flexible Design

Smart design for smart use and smart storage; bend it at any angle to teach or to stow away in the tightest space. The U50 USB document camera is light, portable and easy to use.

U50 USB document camera flexible design

Built-in LED Lights

Every teacher needs a little bit of light when teaching in the dark. The U50 USB document camera has a built-in LED light to illuminate any object under the camera.



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