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3D Magic Pen Filament Roll - Purple, 980 Ft. Roll

List Price: $79.90


3D Magic Pen™ - ABS Filament Roll

The fun will never end with the ABS Filament Roll for your 3D Magic Pen™. Creating large masterpiece of 3D artwork will require enough filament to ensure its completed flawlessly. That’s why we are making our best-selling colors available in an 980 ft. roll!

Available in our rich colors of white, red, purple, green and black. Watch as your drawings take shape and your fantasies come alive. Dinosaurs and doodles, dragons and trolls - there is no limit to what you can make, so let your imagination go!


  • Filament types: ABS
  • Filament Diameter: 1.75mm
  • Approximate 980 feet long
  • Filament operating temperature: 410°F 
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